A selection of bespoke rings that have been made to commission including wedding, engagement and eternity rings.  Some have been commissioned for birthdays, anniversaries and others to mark significant occasions and relationships.  some have been commissioned for no other reason than to own a fabulous ring.  Please get in touch to discuss a commission.

Natural marquise and cognac diamond engagement ring in 18ct rose gold.

0.5 carat diamond, trillion blue sapphires and platinum engagement ring with an organic, hammered finish. 

Remodelled engagement ring in 9ct gold with a 0.25 carat diamond.

Hand engraved wedding rings in 18ct yellow gold.

0.25 carat diamond and 18 carat yellow gold engagement ring.

Winter Rings. Silver rings etched with a pattern inspired by a hedgerow in winter.

Wrapped wedding ring.

Sapphire and diamond pave set ring.

Smoky quartz and 18ct gold, organic eternity ring.

Hammered 18ct gold wedding ring.

9ct yellow gold ring with a textured finish.

Prairie ring. 18ct white gold ring etched with a pattern inspired by a garden of wild grasses. 

0.5 carat diamond, trillion blue sapphire and platinum engagement ring with an organic, hammered finish. 

London blue topaz and 18ct yellow gold engagement and wedding ring.

Textured, hammered palladium ring set with 6 diamonds

18ct rose gold and silver wedding rings.

Palladium wedding ring with a delicate texture.

Forsythia ring with london blue topaz and 9ct yellow gold. The ring shank is etched with a pattern inspired by spring flowers.

Textured, hammered platinum wedding ring.

Sculpted wedding ring with flush set diamonds.

Twenty two carat yellow gold wedding ring with a delicate texture.

Forsythia Ring. Platinum wedding ring etched with a pattern inspired by spring flowers with diamonds.

Recycled gold textured ring set with scattered diamonds.

9ct gold eternity ring.

Grannies diamonds reset in an engagement ring.

Melted 18ct gold and silver hammered ring.

Checkerboard cut citrine and 18ct yellow gold ring.

Textured gold ring with 0.25 carat diamond.

Forsythia ring. Platinum ring etched with a pattern inspired by spring flowers and set with diamonds and sapphires.

0.9 carat diamond and textured platinum engagement ring.

Textured platinum wedding ring with an organic finish.

0.25 carat grey diamond and 18 carat yellow gold engagement ring with hand engraving.

Organic set eternity ring with topaz, tourmaline and cognac diamonds.

Sapphire and 18ct white gold ring with an organic, hammered finish.

Textured, hammered wedding rings.

Natural and cognac diamonds, 18ct rose gold engagement and wedding ring.

Diamond engagement ring with 18ct white and yellow gold.

Trillion cut emerald and 9ct gold engagement ring.

Palladium ring with a faceted, textured finish.

Sapphire and brown diamond engagement ring.

Engagement rings in 9ct white gold with smokey quartz.

sally grant jewellery

Full diamond and precious gemstone commissioning service.

Bespoke wedding, engagement and eternity rings.

Designing a wedding ring to fit alongside your engagement ring.

Bespoke, textural gemstone rings.

Jewellery pieces can be commissioned in gold, silver, platinum or palladium incorporating gemstones and certified diamonds.



Commissioning jewellery

You may have a clear idea of what you are looking for or perhaps you require some guidance. I do not charge for an initial consultation.  My job is to guide you through the design process, in keeping with your budget, creating a piece of jewellery that is individual to you.  I have a pricing guide that I can send to interested customers to give an outline of how much a commissioned piece would potentially cost.




You are welcome to make an appointment to visit my workshop for an informal chat to discuss ideas.  Meetings can be arranged out with working hours where possible. 

Unable to visit?  Quotations can also be arranged via phone or email.



Thank you for creating our beautiful wedding rings.  We really had no clue as to what we were looking for and had not considered a commissioned ring before we discovered your website! We are so glad we did.

James and Amy    Edinburgh

Hi Sally, I love my engagement ring.  The diamond is exactly what I was looking for and your advice on how best to set the stone was definitely the right decision.

Sarah   Edinburgh

I am so impressed with your craftsmanship.  I wanted an unconventional engagement ring and loved the patterns that you use in your work.  Thank you.

E Baird   York




Turn your family heirlooms into a contemporary piece

Have a family wedding ring melted down and remodelled into a new bespoke piece or reset Grannies diamonds into a contemporary engagament ring.




Bespoke pieces can take between 4 and 6 weeks to complete from an agreed quotation but some more complicated pieces can take up to 8 weeks.  Please allow as much time as possible to meet your deadline.  Certain pieces can be made more quickly if necessary, please ask for details.



Ethically sourced products

I am committed to using fairtrade materials.  I supply precious metals from a FLO-CERT registered supplier of certified Fairtrade metals and use gemstone suppliers with an ethical commitment.  Diamonds are sourced from suppliers who have provided me with written confirmation that their stones are mined and manufactured without violence and adhere to international humanitarian law.



Please get in touch to discuss a commission

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